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How to Stop Sharing a Notebook in OneNote



Stop sharing a notebook with others if you later decide that no one should have access to it.

Remove the Shared User

On the File tab, click.
Tap Share.
View the notebook's access rights by scrolling.
Click the user's right mouse button.
Choosing Remove User.
Additionally, you could modify their permissions to Can View from this point.

Disable Sharing Link

Click to acquire a sharing link
Disable Link by clicking.
Anyone you sent the link to now cannot access it because it has been removed.

Remove Shared Location

Moving the notebook away from OneDrive is another way to halt sharing.
On the Info tab, click.
Choose Settings.
Choosing Properties
Click the Move button.
Choose a place to save.
Then select.
When the notebook is moved, OneNote notifies you.
Select OK.
Your computer stores the notebook locally, and all sharing capabilities are removed.
Posted in One Note on February 02 2023 at 12:22 PM

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