How to Create and Share A Folder and File in OneDrive



Create A File:
You can do it directly from OneDrive for Business if you need to start a new file from scratch.
  • Select New from the menu.
  • Choose a file type.
  • Fill in the new file's content.
  • In the title bar, click the Name.
  • Enter the filename.
  • All of the online Office apps automatically save any changes you make.
  • Save the file.
The new file is added to the library, and the small green icon next to the name lets you know it's new.
Create A New Folder:
Document organization is made simple with folders, which keep related items in one place.
  • Establish a Folder
  • Select New from the menu.
  • Choose Folder.
  • Type the folder's name 
  • Press Create.
Note: You can share a folder with others after you've created it. Click the Share button in the toolbar after choosing a folder. Set the folder's permission level, add a message, and enter the names or email addresses of the recipients you want to share it with. Click Send when you're finished.
Insert Files into a Folder

You can now start adding files to your newly created folder.
  • Drag a file onto a folder with your mouse.
  • The folder will receive a new file.
  • File Transfer to a Different Folder
    Even if you can't see the file and the folder at the same time, you can still move a file from one folder to another.
  • Choose a file.
  • To ellipsis the file, click it.
  • Choose Move to.
The folders on your OneDrive are listed in the Move Pane, which appears on the right.
  • Choose a folder.
  • Click here to move.
The file is transferred to the chosen folder.
How To Share Files or Folders in OneDrive?
  • Choose a file.
  • Tap Share.
You can change the file's sharing settings to grant others access while sending them a link to this document via email by using the Share menu.
  • Names of users who require access to the document should be entered.
  • Click the list's arrow for the Link Settings.
  • Configure the link permissions as desired.
You can share the file with:
Anyone in your organisation Anyone who already has access Particular people
By checking or unchecking the Allow editing checkbox, you can also specify who has access to edit the file that you are sharing.
  • Tap Apply.
  • Include a message (Optional)
To copy the link, simply click the Copy Link button. Click the Outlook button if you'd rather write the email in Outlook.
  • Select Send.
Note: Other methods exist for instantly disseminating content to everyone. In the Navigation pane, select Files, and then select the Shared with Everyone folder. To instantly share files and folders with everyone in your organisation, simply click and drag them into this folder.
Manage File Access

Once you begin sharing information with others, it may be difficult to keep track of who has access to what.
  • Choose a document that is shared.
  • Select Details from the menu.
  • The Details Pane appears and displays a tonne of data about the selected file.
  • You can see a list of the people who have access to this file under the Has Access header.
  • To manage access, click.
You can now see who has access to the document and whether they have permission to edit it or just view it.
Additionally, you can stop sharing the document or copy the link to it. To allow additional people to view the file, click Grant Access.
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