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Microsoft OneDrive enables users to share files with access levels that control what the other person can see and edit as well as save files across multiple devices. Even how long other users will be able to access the file is up to you. The advantages and capabilities of this platform are not widely known. This Microsoft OneDrive review will give you all the details you require:

Describe OneDrive?

OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage service. OneDrive is available to anyone with a Microsoft account. To receive 5GB of free storage, you can choose to sign up for any of the OneDrive limits. As an alternative, you will receive 1TB of data storage when you subscribe to Microsoft 365.

This would be of interest to businesses that require a lot of data storage space.

Now, OneDrive is a cloud storage platform, but once you know what a Microsoft OneDrive account is, you can use it for more than just that. Some businesses use it as a repository for their document management systems, a backup for crucial documents, and a variety of other things.

Do you Need it?

Do you think having extra storage for all of your devices might be interesting to you? You should probably sign up for this cloud storage if the answer is yes. Any person or business dealing with documents on a regular basis will likely find that they are running out of room. Obviously, the issue could be resolved with an additional 5GB, 100GB, or 1TB. But it goes beyond just being additional storage. You probably use a few different devices to access, edit, and manage documents if you manage a modern business. Understanding how to use OneDrive for business is crucial. If you can sync all of these devices, you can be more productive because you can access the documents from any device without having to send them via email or carry around a flash drive.

OneDrive must be set up as soon as possible if you want to improve the efficiency of your document management while spending as little money as possible. The advantages of using the platform might be able to persuade you of that.

Advantages of OneDrive

Your understanding of the potential advantages should already be enhanced by the fact that it is cloud storage. OneDrive's features and the extra bonuses the creators included for the user, however, also have special advantages. Some of the advantages you can take advantage of after setting up OneDrive are listed below.

No Cost Space

Microsoft is aware that we all enjoy seeing the word "free" used in connection with something worthwhile. OneDrive provides 5GB of unrestricted storage. This would be adequate if you needed more room to store particular documents. You can sync devices with the aid of this free space. If you sign up for Microsoft 365, you can also receive 1TB for free. Any organisation would be interested in that, right? As an alternative, you can refer a friend to the platform and receive up to 15GB of additional space in return, depending on how many people you convince to use the service.

Consistent Uptime

OneDrive has been accessible 24/7 since 2015. You can rely on Microsoft to keep its servers operational at all times. As a result of their fault tolerance, the OneDrive backup will take over if one server goes down. As a user, this means that you won't be concerned that the server will be unavailable when you try to access your data. You will have 99.97% uptime when using this cloud storage, to put it numerically.

Flexible Sharing with Secure Encryption

Organizations use OneDrive for file sharing among other things. This might occur as they work together on documents or even provide information to customers. Administrators can choose how much access other users have to the drive's stored documents thanks to the share options' flexibility. In order to prevent sensitive information from being shared with the wrong people, administrators can define the privileges that internal users of the organisation can grant external users. It is also possible to time the duration of document access, after which access to the document is once more restricted. Encryption is used on files stored in the cloud to guard against man-in-the-middle attacks. Users can be confident that the data they save on this platform is secure overall, and Microsoft is constantly working to increase the security of all stored and shared data.

Easy Access to Files

Any of your devices, including your smartphone, desktop, and everything in between, will sync with OneDrive. Additionally, it works with iOS and Android devices. Since everything is stored in the cloud, it is possible for today's mobile workers to carry their files around with them at all times without carrying too much weight. Despite the ease of accessibility, you don't need to be concerned about exhausting your bandwidth due to constant file syncing and updating. Your device can be configured to only sync when you are connected to Wi-Fi and to stop when you are using a metered connection. This can be automated, allowing you to continue working without constantly going into settings.

The ease of finding files in OneDrive is another advantage of accessibility. Based on how you interact with other users, the software employs intelligent algorithms to make file suggestions. By integrating with other Apps, you can also automate the process of accessing particular files.

Management of Documents Effectively

There won't be multiple versions of the same document when working on a document with other users. Indicating when a document has been edited and the changes that have been made, OneDrive will manage your documents and add changes to the same document. This is a benefit that a company that supports working from home will value.

OneDrive Features to Pay Attention To: OneDrive has a tonne of features, just like most cloud storage providers. While we can't discuss every single one of them at this time, there are some important aspects that can help a user understand how beneficial it can be for both small and large businesses. These are the characteristics that will be briefly discussed here.


Just about every cloud storage platform has this feature. You can manage and store all of your personal files right here. Although it doesn't seem like a particularly noteworthy feature, it is probably the most crucial because it gives you the storage you require so that you can move on to other tasks.

Search Box Another straightforward but crucial feature. The search box, like any other search box, aids in quick file discovery for the user. Simply typing a file name will search both the files in your library and any additional files you might have access to.

Common Libraries

All the files that you have shared with others and that others have shared with you can be found here. Even though you might have received an email attachment, you don't need to open the email again to look for the file. You only need to visit this library, enter the file name in the search box, and the file will be retrieved. You can also keep documents that you're working on with other team members in the shared library.

Recycle Bin

It should come as no surprise that Microsoft included a recycle bin similar to what you might find on your desktop. Deleted files are kept in the recycle bin in case you ever need to restore them, perhaps because you accidentally deleted them. However, you should be aware that files are only kept here for 93 days before being automatically deleted. This prevents the trash can from overflowing.

File Recovery

Reversing an action that may have been applied to a document is the main focus of this feature, which is somewhat similar to recycle bin. You can easily restore your file to a previous state if something goes wrong with it. A file can be returned to the state it was in 30 days ago.

Live Participation

You can work together in real time using any Microsoft tool as well as a variety of other document tools with OneDrive. This tool enables coauthoring while maintaining a single version of the document.

Encryption of Data

This characteristic is crucial. You don't need to be concerned that unauthorised individuals might access crucial data due to all the sharing and collaboration taking place. All of the data is encrypted, and it is only decoded once it reaches the right people.

Files Upon Request

Users can view files using this without having to download them. The user can access a file on OneDrive through File Explorer and read it.

Integrating apps

It is wonderful that a business tool like OneDrive offers integration with a variety of apps given the thousands of apps currently in use. You can connect apps together to create automated workflows or even transfer documents from one app to another.

As was already mentioned, the platform has a number of features that you can learn about as you use it. These are just a few salient characteristics that might whet your appetite.

How Does OneDrive Work?

If you have previously used any file storage software, using OneDrive is easy. Getting an account is the first step, though. You already have a OneDrive account if you've signed up for Microsoft, but you probably don't use it. The same holds true for users of Outlook email. If the aforementioned applies to you, all you need to do is sign into your account and then select the OneDrive icon.

It is easy to sign up for an account for a user who does not already have one.

  • Visit the OneDrive website to get started, then select Sign Up for Free. To create an email address and password, follow the instructions.
  • You will have a Microsoft account after completing that process, along with a OneDrive and outlook profile.
  • You can now choose what you want to upload to your new private cloud storage by logging into OneDrive.
  • OneDrive Personal Vault is a crucial feature that you might find to be extremely useful.
  • The vault is a private, secure location where you can keep documents secured with a password or lock and key.

After setting everything up, you can choose how to use your account.

Among the things you can do are:

  • Create a file backup using OneDrive.
  • Add it to your computer as a new drive.
  • Organize your music, videos, and images so you can access them from anywhere.
  • Share a link to large files with others by emailing it to them.
  • Use it to manage documents for business purposes.
  • Use it as a document automation database.

As you get used to the various features, it is advised that you start with the free version, which offers 5GB of storage, and then upgrade once you are certain it is the best cloud storage option for your requirements.

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