OneDrive on a Mac: How to Install and Use OneDrive on a Mac


Download OneDrive:
1. Visit the OneDrive download website at if OneDrive is not already installed on your Mac.2. To download, click Download.
3. Double-click the OneDrive.pkg file after finding it in the downloads folder on your Mac.
4. To instal the OneDrive application on your Mac, follow the on-screen directions.
Register for OneDrive:
1. Start the OneDrive application.
2. Enter to sign in.
Using OneDrive:
On your Mac, OneDrive functions much like any other folder. The data contained therein is also kept in the cloud, which is the only distinction. There are three default folders with the names Documents, Pictures, and Public in the OneDrive folder. You can create any organisational structure you like by adding as many folders as you like.
Copying or dragging files to the OneDrive folder or the appropriate subfolder will add them. Any Mac, PC, or mobile device that has OneDrive installed can access files that you place in the OneDrive folder. The web interface allows you to access the OneDrive folder from any computer or mobile device.
The OneDrive app is available as a menu bar item and shows the status of synced files stored in the OneDrive folder.
OneDrive Plans:
OneDrive currently has only a few service tiers, including plans that are bundled with Microsoft 365.
Plan Storage Price/Month
OneDrive Basic 5 GB    5 GB total storage . Free
OneDrive 100 GB  100 GB total storage . $1.99
OneDrive + Microsoft 365 Personal    1 TB for 1 user . $6.99
OneDrive + Microsoft 365 Family 1 TB each for 6 users   $9.99
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