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How to Delete Chats in Ms Teams


You can remove yourself from a Microsoft Teams group or one-on-one chat that you no longer want to be a part of. However, there are some restrictions on deleting Teams chats, as we'll explain below.

Maybe it was just a brief, one-sided conversation that you ended. It is simple to delete a chat if you no longer want to participate, won't need any crucial information from the conversation, and just want it removed from your chat list.

Concerning Delete Teams Chat:

Here are a few things to bear in mind when deleting a chat in Microsoft Teams, whether it be a group or individual chat.

  • A chat that you delete is deleted and is no longer searchable from all of your devices.
  • A conversation you end will still be available to the other party (s).
  • The chattering party(ies) will notice that you have left the conversation but won't be aware that you deleted it.
  • The other participant will continue to have access to any attached files or links if there are any (s).
  • You'll see that conversation history once more if someone re-adds you to the chat.
  • You'll notice a new conversation if you start a new chat with the participant. The history of the prior chat will, however, be visible to the other party.
  • It's important to note that Microsoft only allows personal and small business accounts to delete chats in Teams. Look into how to remove chats from your list if you use Teams for work or school.

 Delete Chat In the Desktop and Mobile Apps:


Both the desktop and web versions of the Microsoft Teams application let you delete a chat.

  • Choose the conversation from the chat list by selecting the Chat tab on the left side.
  • To access more options, click (In Mobile phones) the three dots that appear when your cursor is over the chat you want to delete (in desktop and web).
  • In Mobile phones Press on the Chat.
  • Then select "Delete Chat."
  • Then click "OK" (for Android) or "Yes" to confirm your choice (iPhone and iPad)
In Microsoft Teams, deleting a chat is easy for users with personal or small business accounts. Therefore, remove those conversations that are finished if you want to keep your chat list organised.
Posted in MS Teams on January 14 2023 at 05:59 PM

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