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How to Create a Progress Bar in MS PowerPoint


In PowerPoint, a progress bar is a visual representation of the proportion of the slideshow that has been finished. It serves as a reliable guide for the remaining sum. Here's how to add a progress bar to a PowerPoint slide.

A progress bar can be manually made by adding a shape to the bottom of each slide. The issue with this method is that depending on how many slides are in the presentation, you'll need to calculate the length of each form. Additionally, you will need to manually update the progress indicator on each slide in the slideshow if you add or delete a slide.
Use a macro to build a progress bar to maintain consistency and spare yourself a lot of headaches. The progress bar will automatically adjust with the help of this macro based on the number of slides in the presentation.

How to Create a Progress Bar in MS PowerPoint

  • Open the PowerPoint presentation for which a progress bar is to be added first.


  • Open it, then choose "Macros" from the "View" menu.You'll see the "Macro" window open. Enter a name for your new macro in the text box beneath "Macro Name." Spaces are not permitted in the name.



  • Once it has been typed, press "Create" or, on a Mac, press the "+" icon.



  • Now, a window titled "Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)" will appear. You can find the code in the editor


  • Put your cursor first in the space between the two lines of code.
  • Then copy and paste the code


Note: The initial and last lines of code are no longer separated by newlines.
The VBA window can now be closed.
  • Click "Macros" once more in the "View" tab of Microsoft PowerPoint.


  • Next, choose your macro by clicking on its name (in our case, "ProgressBar"), then click "Run."
Your presentation's progress bar will now be shown at the bottom of each slide.
The progress bar will automatically correct itself if you erase a slide. You must execute the macro again (View > Macro > Run) if you add a new slide. When compared to setting everything manually, it's a little annoying.
Posted in MS PowerPoint on December 02 2022 at 12:47 AM

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