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How to Delete all Presentation Notes at Once in MS PowerPoint


During your presentation, you may easily access your talking points thanks to Microsoft PowerPoint speaker notes. However, it can be a laborious effort to get rid of those notes if you desire to. We'll demonstrate for you how to delete all of the presentation notes at once.

How to Remove Presenter Notes from PowerPoint.
Remember that you can quickly delete specific speaker notes.
  • Open the presentation notes by clicking "Notes" in the ribbon's View tab or using the Notes button in the PowerPoint status bar.


  • Click in the Notes section of the slide where the notes are located to erase the text.By selecting all of the text and pressing the Delete key, you may do this task quickly.


While this works perfectly for removing notes from a few slides, erasing notes from dozens of slides can take some time. Here's how to eliminate them all at once.
  • Navigate to File > Info. Your slideshow has presentation notes, as you can see under Inspect Presentation.


  • Select "Inspect Document" from the drop-down menu under "Check for Issues" in that area.


You'll come across a lot of things that you may check your document for, so keep this helpful tool in mind for those kinds of things later.
  • You will simply click the "Presentation Notes" box at the bottom for this task and uncheck everything else.Click "Inspect" when you're ready.


  • You'll receive the findings shortly informing you that the presentation notes were discovered during the examination.Then select "Remove All."


  • Your presentation notes will vanish in an instant.When you're done using the Inspect Document tool, click "Close."


You should no longer have speaker notes on your slides when you click the arrow in the upper left corner to return to your slideshow.
You can always save a copy of your presentation in advance if you want a copy of those notes before you erase them.
Alternatively, you can print a Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow's speaker notes only.
Posted in MS PowerPoint on December 02 2022 at 12:25 AM

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