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How to Create Signatures in Microsoft Outlook


When you use Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving emails or messages, you would like to share your company’s information. In order to send professional-looking messages, you need to add your signature at the end of the message.

But the question arises here how you can create signatures in Microsoft Outlook. Here, you are going to learn how you can add or create signatures in Outlook.

What Is Signature in Microsoft Outlook?

Your Outlook signature may include images, handwritten signatures, electronic business cards, text, and even the logo of your company. So, you have various options to choose from for your signature.

Whatever you are going to choose as your Outlook signature, you first need to learn how to create a signature in Outlook. Here, you need to remember that you can easily set up your Microsoft Outlook account so that signatures can automatically be included in all your outgoing messages. Or you may also decide to create a signature each time when you compose a message.

How Can I Create a Signature in Outlook?

If you want to create an Outlook email signature, you can easily do it. For this, you just need to follow the below guide.

So, let’s check out how you can create signatures in Outlook.

  • Log into your Outlook account.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on the “View all Outlook Settings” option.
  • Click on Mail.
  • Choose Compose option.
  • Navigate for the Email Signature option.
  • Here, you need to type or add your signature.
  • You can use existing formatting or customize the formatting for creating a signature in Outlook.
  • Changing or editing formatting can help you alter the appearance of your signature.
  • Choose Save.
  • Now, you are done.

How Can I Assign Signatures to Specific Messages?

There could be situations when you would like to assign signatures to your specific messages in Outlook. Now, you would like to learn how you can assign signatures to specific messages in Microsoft Outlook.

For this, you need to keep reading the given below points.

  • Open your Outlook account.
  • Click on the New email option.
  • Go to Message Menu.
  • Choose Signature.
  • Click on Signatures.
  • Here, you will find various options such as edit select new, and other settings.
  • Now, you will find a signature dialog box.
  • Choose a name or type a name for your official signature.
  • Now, go to the Edit Signature option.
  • Here, you need to compose a new signature or use an existing signature for specific messages in Outlook.

How Can I Insert an Alternate Signature into an Email Message?

Whether you want to create multiple signatures or insert an alternate signature into an email message, you can easily do the same. For this, you need to follow the below instructions.

  • Navigate for Search Bar.
  • Here, you need to type “Signature”.
  • Choose the auto-fill option that may appear to unveil the Microsoft Outlook mail, signature editor.
  • Here, you need to choose the “New” option in order to design or create multiple signatures.
  • Click on OK.
  • If you want to insert an alternate signature into an email message, you need to open a New Message option.
  • Here, you just need to add an alternate signature.
Posted in MS Outlook on July 10 2022 at 05:26 PM

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