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Complete Guide on Reading emails in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is considered the best option to go with when it comes to choosing a messaging service. Obviously, Outlook comes incorporated with various specifications and features. With the help of this innovative option, you can easily make communication at your business premises more effective than ever before.

However, there are various features to unveil in Outlook, but the most important one is reading emails aloud. With the help of the email aloud feature in Microsoft Outlook, you can read email aloud. Here, you need to remember that this feature doesn’t read images and email subject lines.

How to Find Read Aloud Feature in Microsoft Outlook for Reading Emails

If you want to learn how to read emails in Microsoft emails, you need to use the read-aloud feature. But before using this feature, you need to confirm whether read aloud feature is activated here or not.

For this, you need to follow the below instructions.

  • Open your Microsoft Outlook application on the desktop, and then click on the Message or Home option.
  • By navigating the Ribbon section, you will find the Read Aloud feature.
  • If you choose the Message option instead of a Home option, you will find Read Aloud feature in the form of an “A” symbol with the speaker.

What Is the Manual Process for Enabling Read Aloud Function in Outlook?

Reading emails aloud in Outlook could be an easier task provided that you know how to activate the Read Aloud feature.

Since there are various versions of Microsoft Outlook, you may not be able to find the Read Aloud feature in Outlook. So, you need to learn how to enable this feature manually.

So, let’s check out the states below the instructions.

  • Click on the desktop application of Outlook.
  • Choose File Option.
  • Now, you should scroll down the cursor and click on Options.
  • Choose either the Ease of Access or Accessibility feature according to the version of your existing Outlook.
  • Go through the application display section to find Show Read Aloud feature.
  • Select it and click on the OK option.

How to Read Emails in Microsoft Outlook

Reading emails in Outlook is easier and faster provided that you know how you would like to read emails. If you want to read emails even without using the IVR system, you need to read them yourself normally. But when you determine to get Outlook emails to read automatically, you need to enable the Read Aloud feature in Microsoft Outlook.

Let’s check out how you can read aloud emails in Outlook.

  • Open your Microsoft Outlook account.
  • Here, you need to go through the inbox option.
  • Click on an email that you want to read.
  • Now, you can read it yourself or use the Read Aloud feature.
  • In the case of using the Read Aloud feature, you need to confirm whether it’s enabled or not.
  • By clicking on the Read Aloud icon, you will be able to enjoy auto-reading of emails.
  • Here, you need to remember that the Read Aloud feature can’t help you read email subject lines and images.
Posted in MS Outlook on June 05 2022 at 02:36 PM

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