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Outlook Panel – Home Tab, Send/Receive Tab, Folder Tab, View Tab, and Help Tab

If you want to learn how to use Microsoft Outlook, you first need to know about its panel. Knowing about the Outlook panel can help you unveil its features. By unlocking the specifications of the Outlook navigation bar, you can easily use this effective tool for messaging.

Here, you are going to unveil different panes of Outlook such as the Home tab, Send/Receive tab, folder Tab, View Tab, and Help Tab. By going through these features, you can easily be able to learn how to use Microsoft Outlook at your workplace.

What Is Microsoft Outlook Panel?

Microsoft Outlook panel is a navigation pane that can be found on the left side of the given Window of outlook. The Outlook pane helps users to switch between the different features of Outlook, such as calendar, Mail, Notes, Tasks, and Contacts.

So, when you have complete information about the navigation pane of Microsoft Outlook, you can easily use its useful features for communication. You can easily perform various tasks that can help you increase overall productivity at the workplace.

Do you want to know more about different Outlook Panel features? You need to keep reading it.

Home Tab

You may encounter a changed Home Tab as it depends on the view that you have chosen for the navigation bar. Here, you need to remember that users can easily find the navigation bar at the bottom of the Home Tab.

It’s an important tab that helps Outlook users to unveil various features to perform different types of tasks.

Send/Receive Tab

Basically, this tab is used to send or receive messages. Users can easily delete and even archive unwanted messages.

If you want to unveil the best communication features of outlook, you need to know how to send and receive messages.

Folder Tab in Outlook

When you analyze the Folder Pane in Microsoft Outlook, you will find it as the main navigation option. With the help of folders, users can easily access different features such as mailboxes, calendars, contacts, and folders.

You can easily customize it according to your communication requirements.

View Tab in Outlook

View tab can be accessed by clicking on Ribbon. Using commands available on the given View Tab can help you change the view.

View Tab helps users access different types of features to get more productivity out of Microsoft Outlook.

Help Tab in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook panel also provides Help Tab. Users can access to help panel just by clicking on the main navigation bar of Outlook. Help Tab is meant for users who want to seek help regarding a feature.

Most of the users don’t have an idea about how to use the Help Tab. Thus, they are highly advised to first start using Outlook. There are various functions that can help users increase their productivity at the workplace.

Final Words

Having gone through the aforesaid Microsoft Outlook tabs, now you can have an insight into how to use different tabs in Microsoft Outlook. Actually, using a tab requires you to have first-hand information about the same.

Since there are different types of features, you need to go through each feature one by one to make your experience with Outlook better than ever before.

Posted in MS Outlook on June 03 2022 at 10:54 AM

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